The Roots ...


Who does not know one of these kids that are frequently seen with a pencil or crayon, scribbling on everything they could get their hands on. I sure was one of those kids.

Yet I've come quite a long way to my first paintings.











What happened? To make a long story short, I first studied medicine, the other big theme of my life. During this time art did not obtain much room for me. When I finally started to work in a hospital, art continuously sneaked its way back into any kind of freetime.

We've come a long way ...


My very first oil painting was a copy of Vang Goghs Sunflowers (the Munich Version). It took me almost three years to finish that one in 2016 (Vincent might have done it in a single day).

But it payed of, as it revealed a talent for painting and an unknown love to oil paints.

I realized: there was no way around art for me !












Get the party started ...


Who ever painted in oil may know, that it is not necessarily a good idea to do so in your own living room.

Since 2017 I am painting in a studio, which initially felt like a liberation to me. Working on several pieces at a time in a professional environement accelerated my developement a lot.

I started painting a series of travelling memories, mainly from California, to find my „natural“ brush stroke. The early colours are very loud, the lines are quite organic. So these early paintings appear quite „graphic“.